LOC Investment Advisors

Depth - Why You Delegate. Degrees, multiple designations and continuing education have trained us considerably, yet our greatest (and most humbling) teacher is our daily client conversations - the greatest reflection of the actual human experience. As both investment managers and advisers, we’ve observed that an investor’s perception of success is not simply the mathematical return from point A to point B, but also the emotional experience involved from one point to another. It is because of our serious responsibility and fierce loyalty to protecting that delicate balance that we’ve intentionally dug deeper, challenged much of the industry status quo and examined widely held beliefs from diverse perspectives. The lessons we’ve learned are beyond any text book. As a client, you'll discover our investment process and client service have evolved to incorporate this discerning insight. Click above to know more - Lessons Learned.
Your Interests First. Our firm was built on a commitment to place our clients’ interest first and our longstanding relationships and history of referrals reinforce our dedication to this commitment. Our investment advisory firm is completely independent and privately held.  We designed this structure at our inception over thirty years ago to give us the freedom and flexibility to make our clients our top priority in every decision we make. We are fee-based, which keeps our advice objective. This single form of compensation is based on a percentage of assets under management - no commissions, no hidden fees. Click above to learn more about our Total Alignment of Interests.
Solutions and Possibilities. We’ve never been more excited about investing than we are today. There have been so many positive developments in the industry and we know how to leverage many of them to our client’s benefit. It’s simply knowing how and when to use each. As part of our investment process, we supply some management styles similar to those offered by others in the marketplace. We also provide other management styles that we had to create in house. It’s the combination of these styles and strategies, customized for each client, that we believe will create the greatest outcome. Sufficient breadth is ultimately our biggest differentiation and key to success.